Therapeutic options here are based on EMA drug approvals with deviating approval details clearly marked. Drugs availability may vary in your country.

What services are provided by the HRD-Portal?

QuIP has set itself the task of supporting pathologists in Germany and Europe in all professional and organizational quality assurance activities. 

The HRD-Portal offers pathologists and other medical professionals orientation and information at the interfaces between biomarker testing and therapy. The website is an interdisciplinary resource for diagnostics, molecular pathology and therapy planning. 

The portal presents the basics of DNA repair defects and explains both the testing of causes (such as mutations in the HRR genes including BRCA1/2) and the effects of the defects (e.g. GI score). The algorithm contains detailed information on tests, possible results and therapy options for various entities (pancreatic, ovarian, breast and prostate cancer). The information is based on current medical guideline recommendations (EMA-approved) and the latest scientific findings.

References on the Portal

The underlying and scientific literature used for the portal content can be found as a list cited for the corresponding algorithm sections in a separate "References" tab. The research literature listed there refers to the current status of the portal editorial team and is continuously updated or supplemented where necessary.


Please note: The information on the HRD-Portal is provided to the best of our knowledge. However, please note that we cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy and/or timeliness of the information. This applies in particular to content on our website that does not originate from us but from third parties and is only linked by us. For current and also further information on the preparations, the respective information should be consulted.

In addition, the subject matter is generally characterized by the fact that different pathologists may arrive at different results in the detailed diagnosis of images. Therefore, in the reference sections, we always indicate the data basis on which the evaluation of the section is based. The evaluation of your own specimens is your sole responsibility. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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